How much does it cost?

ECO4 is the 4th phase of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. Funded by the UK government, it helps to make homes more energy-efficient, tackling fuel poverty and making energy more affordable for users. This means you don’t pay a single penny towards any of the insulation works completed.

The insulation will take between 1-3 days to install. The heating measures will be installed within a day.

Understandably, this is the biggest concern for most people. Whilst our installers take the utmost care whilst in the property, due to the nature of the work, some dust may settle after we have left.

The owner of the property will hold complete ownership of all the solar panels and associated electronics. This is not a scheme where the roof space is rented. The solar is then guaranteed for 12 years and all related insulation works are guaranteed for 25 years.

Copies of guarantees will be provided after works completion.

Once the works have been completed, we will provide an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) that reflects all the work that has been carried out. In 9/10 cases this will generate an EPC of a least a C rating or above. A C rating on your EPC means your home meets the minimum energy efficiency standards.

After the insulation has been completed, we will then plaster the walls, and once dried, we will re-attend to paint the insulated walls. We offer this in White or Magnolia, however, we will always try to meet any other requests which you may have.